Guerdon Victor


What is 'Guerdon Victor'?
Break into a raging warzone with your very own savage "VICTORS" and charge into the battlefield, destroying your adversaries and capturing goodies along the way. Welcome to Guerdon Victor, an improved character-based PvP fighting game based on arcade classics like Mortal Kombat and Tekken. It's filled with fascinating characters, each with their own playstyle, weaponry, and superpowers. The game also includes options for improving your Victor's capabilities. Choose the ultimate victor to smash everyone else in your path. May the most powerful person be the last one standing. ​​
The word “Guerdon” stands for a reward or compensate which when combined with the term Victor, literally conveys the idea that may Victor be rewarded, which is quite what happens in the game where you get rewarded with the opponent’s $VICT Token when you successfully defeat them. The game will be created on the Binance Smart Chain and designed in Unreal Engine. With a seemingly limitless number of creative options at our fingertips, we can only speculate on the game's potential heights.
Last modified 1yr ago